Welsh Traditional St. Davids Tall Hat
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Welsh Traditional St. Davids Tall Hat


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The Welsh hat worn by women as part of Welsh National Costume is a tall stovepipe-style hat, similar to a top hat, or the capotain. It is still worn by women, and particularly schoolgirls, in Wales on St. Davids Day but rarely on other occasions (Although you can spot a few in Cardiff when the Rugby is on!)


SMALL (Young Child Age 3-7)

MEDIUM (Older Child 8-11)

LARGE (Teen & Adult)

The tall 'chimney' hat didn't appear until late 1840's and may have been based on an amalgamation of and a form of high hat (worn during the 1790-1820 period in country areas) and men's top hats.

The Welsh hat seems to have been worn (with a full Welsh costume) only by the wives and daughters of successful farmers when attending chapelor church, at special events such as Royal visits and eisteddfodau and when selling their wares at market.

The Welsh hat seem to have started to go out of fashion during the 1860's. A few women continued to wear them until the revival of the Welsh costume during the 1890's. Most 20th century tall Welsh hats were made of cotton and card and were worn by members of folk dancers and women's choirs and at special events. The hats now worn by girls on St David's day are made of felt and lace.